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Shape your own future!

Over 1000 partner schools, colleges and universities, we, know, how you can get to study where you want, anywhere in the world. Professional counseling service for pupils and students who want to study in the elite schools, colleges or universities of the globe. We cooperate with the most respected educational institutions in: England, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Holland, China and everywhere in Europe and everywhere in the World.

Shape your own future!

WISEWORD Education is your partner to make your dream come true – to become a student wherever you want – together we realize the ideal profile of a student! An excellent preparatory center for all kinds of compulsory exams to study abroad. With a professional academic staff we offer courses: SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, TestDaf, PSI skills for English, Test AS, and German language training. International teaching curriculum, modern environment and dedicated staff to confirm your faith. The time for education is now!

Making the impossible, possible!

For the first time in the country and a revolution in the education market. All students can realize their dream of studying abroad through the financial support provided through us. Financing of all study and accommodation costs up to 250,000 Euros through “WISE Loans”. This student loan can be repaid in installments for a period of up to 15 years. Now the dream of studying abroad has no obstacles!

Every summer has a story!

WISEWORD Summer was created to provide a structured opportunity for children to grow up. A summer camp or school abroad will bring about a radical change in your child’s behavior and education. We are here to answer and answer any questions you may have about your child’s education and fun this summer. You tell us the wishes and we give you all the choices because every summer has a story.

Unlock your future!

We are a specialized counseling center in the field of education for young people interested in studying abroad in schools or universities at zero cost or full scholarships. WiseWord Solution is your partner to help you realize your dream of studying anywhere in the world, for free or at a negligible cost! Our experience and methodology of creating the “Ideal Student Profile” that admissions officers at European and American Public Universities require of the winning candidates, guarantee your admission to at least 1 university! We know the secret to how to study abroad at zero cost!

Trust in us!

Highly qualified and fully committed team to provide accurate visa information and application service to students, tourists and corporations. We are proud that today we are the first choice for every student who wants a successful visa application. WISE Visa is one of the leading study visas agencies and already the most reliable partner for tourist as well as business visas. Our staff specially trained for the most delicate application processes is our guarantee.

Embrace the opportunity!

WISE EVENTS, was created to provide an elite service of education fairs. The staff with a long experience in the field of organising events has successfully conducted fairs, seminars, TV interviews and public activities in: Kosovo, Albania and the region. The professional service has brought together hundreds of schools and universities from all over the world at every fair. Their trust and responsibility to provide the best for every student is our motto!

About us

The first ONE-STOP-SHOP in KOSOVO in the field of education, counseling and preparation for students wishing to study abroad.

We provide everything a student needs. Learning foreign languages ​​and preparing for standardized tests, finding a school or university abroad, preparing a dossier / profile to be an ideal competitor in any educational institution, applying for studies in any country of the world, opportunities for financing studies, applying for a visa as well as finding a place of residence / accommodation. We are together, from the first day you decide to study abroad, until the day you graduate. ‘WiseWord Group’ – you can find all the education services here!


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A Bachelor degree program is a university program that usually takes 3-4 years to complete. Enrollment in a Bachelor program requires students to choose a field of study, such as finance, history, communications, etc. Graduates of a Bachelor program are qualified to work in entry-level or management-level positions, depending on the field.


Master’s degree programs are postgraduate programs that allow students to specialize in a field of study. It usually takes 1-2 years to complete. Completion of a Master’s degree may qualify graduates to work in advanced or executive level positions. A Master’s degree is also required for admission to some doctoral programs.

University preparatory programs

These programs are designed specifically for students who have completed at least 1 year of high school in their home country. These 1 year programs are the best way to get any young person into universities in the UK, the Netherlands or Germany.


Our partners all over the world highly value Albanian students for everything they bring to their campuses. Academic excellence and international culture are the elements that value us and scholarships are often offered.



Application process

1. Contact WiseWord

2. Talk to a consultant

3. Select the program to fit

4. We make the application

5. Receive the offer from the school

6. Apply for accommodation

7. Apply for a visa

8. We reserve the ticket

9. Start studying in the desired place